This is a 4-week course:

Courses are run in the target language, for example the course for French teachers is run in French. Each language group works separately for teaching practice and language analysis.

Our TFL programme combines the theory of teaching languages with observed and assessed teaching practice with real learners. This course develops the particular teacher qualities, skills and knowledge needed for teaching languages at universities, higher and further education institutes, and language centres.

Programme duration 4 weeks: 3 weeks of live sessions and self-study tasks, 1 week of teaching practice that will be arranged with the course coordinator in due time.


Live sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Friday 15.00-18.00 British time.

2023 DATES:

6 February - 5 March

1 May - 28 May

3 July - 30 July

2 October - 29 October

Is this the right course for you?

We support you in developing into the kind of teacher that is right for both you and your students. You will practice innovative and creative ways of teaching that are unique and only provided by Impact Services International. You will learn about teaching communicatively, teaching languages for specific purposes and teaching through contexts such as Drama and Storytelling.

You will have access to a variety of language teaching and learning resources and develop skills in creating your own materials and resources. You will also learn how to teach online and how to develop and structure your live online classes.

The Course Programme

We support you in developing into the kind of teacher that is right for both you and your students through the following key components:

  • 60 hours of stimulating workshops, online study and seminars related to language teaching methodology.
  • Our Trainers are experts in the field and experienced teacher education specialists.
  • Guided planning
  • Assignments
  • Teaching practice online
  • Supportive feedback sessions.
  • Ways to teach and develop online materials for your learners

This TFL programme explores the teacher qualities, skills and knowledge required for teaching languages at schools, universities, higher & further education institutes, and language centres. It combines a focus on practical classroom techniques and strategies with strong theoretical underpinning principles. Input seminars and workshops focus on key areas such as expanding teachers’ language awareness, how to teach grammar, correction techniques, how to develop learners’ speaking skills, and drama.

The online teaching practice component enables you to put these ideas into practice with real learners, whilst developing your personalized teaching portfolio will help you to self-reflect and critique your own practice.


After successfully completing the program trainees will gain a Certificate in Teaching Languages, Certificate Level one in TFL certified by Impact Services International UK.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must be native or near-native speakers of the language they wish to teach, over the age of eighteen, hold a degree in the chosen language and related subject, no teaching experience required.


Please send an email to [email protected] for more information and a copy of your application form.

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