In this programme teachers will learn about creative approaches, techniques, and skills for the teaching of languages; they will apply these to the language they teach and use these new approaches with their students in the language classroom with lots of on-hand practice, innovative and creative activities. The programme will provide innovative ideas and creative techniques that teachers can use in their classroom practices.

Mode of attendance

The programme runs:
Face to face (4 hours sessions)
Interactive online sessions via zoom (4 hours sessions, 2 each)

Structure and duration of the full course: 

Full programme: 40 hours

Individual Module: 4 hours 

The programme consists of 10 Modules: each Module is covered in 4 hours  

Teachers can register for one Module (2 sessions- 2 hours each). 

Those who wish to complete the full 10 Modules will gain Certificate in Creative Approaches and Techniques to Language Teaching and Learning

  • Module 1: Seven ways to make your students speak in the classroom
  • Module 2: Playing with words: ways to teach vocabulary in context
  • Module 3: Creative techniques to teaching grammar communicatively
  • Module 4: Drama and improvisation in teaching languages
  • Module 5: Language teaching through video telling techniques
  • Module 6: Language teaching through chants and songs
  • Module 7: Spontaneous teaching of language: a new approach 
  • Module 8: Film making in language teaching
  • Module 9: Role of memory in language teaching and learning
  • Module 10: Demand high in language teaching and learning

Module 8: Film making in language teaching

The Course Programme

Interactive communicative conversations in teaching languages


Primary/Secondary / Middle School Teachers/Adult and Higher Education 

Target Audience:

New and experienced Teachers 

All language Teachers or those who are interested in language teaching 

Description and Learning Objectives:

In this course teachers will learn about innovative techniques in using videos and films in teaching language, they will identify and investigate various types of narratives that they can associate with and most importantly how they can use these narratives for the purpose of language production tasks and language study. They will also discuss techniques to use these stories, coming from the films, which can be used in the classroom. They will share some interactive ways in creating activities with films and demonstrate how to use them to get students listening, thinking and speaking. Technical, practical and pedagogical issues will be addressed along the way.


Interactive online sessions through Zoom or ClassIn (secure, reliable video platforms).

Price for 1 Module: (4 hours): 120 sterling pounds 

Price for 5 Modules: (20 hours): 550 sterling pounds

Price for full programme: (40 hours): 900 sterling pounds 

Prices do not include VAT

For more information contact us at: [email protected] 


After successfully completing the program trainees will gain a Certificate of attendance for Creative Approaches and Techniques to Language Teaching and Learning certified by Impact Services International UK.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must be native or near-native speakers of the language they wish to teach, over the age of eighteen, hold a degree in the chosen language and related subject, no teaching experience required.


Please send an email to [email protected] for more information and a copy of your application form.

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