This course is for busy academic managers with large teams. If you feel pressured by time and endless meetings this short course can help you re-organise your CPD programme and find the pleasure of working with your team in a structured and productive manner. Love your CPD programme!
This course is part of our Academic Management Series

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Hi, I’m Lara

MD & Co-Founder of Impact Services International Ltd I am passionate about learning and teaching. Making education inclusive and easy to reach is one of my goals. I believe education can help people reach their potential so access to it is of paramount importance.

My main objective at present is to develop a range of courses, available online, delivering high quality content through an affordable channel. Our work ethic is to nurture talent and promote personal well being: we promote and support our staff and students to growth.

As an initiative-taking and results orientated individual within the educational sector, I have a proven record of providing high levels of service to a broad range of internal and external customers.

Having worked in the educational sector for over 30 years, I had the opportunity to develop professionally, starting as a teacher then moving to managing the Professional Language Centre (Executive English and Modern Languages) at International House London and now developing a new company offering educational services internationally. Within all the roles I have had, I have acquired a wide range of skills from training to managing and developing systems.